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Suze Orman's Protection Portfolio

The Suze Orman Protection Portfolioâ„¢ is a patented system that allows you to personalize, create and store the most essential documents that you need today to protect your tomorrows. Compiling these documents ahead of time will help prevent you and your family from going through the worry and confusion that can result when the unexpected occurs, something happens to a loved one, and those who are left behind don't know what to do or how to locate vital legal and financial information. In the midst of such grief and emotional chaos, serious financial and legal mistakes can be made. With Suze Orman's Protection Portfolio, much of the needed information is at your family's fingertips. The CD-ROM, compatible with both Macintosh and PC computers, provides over 40 easy to use forms and documents, many of them that you will be able to personalize for your own situation. The Protection Portfolio is unlike any other product of its kind because it also includes a guidebook and two audio CDs narrated by Suze and her trust attorney, Janet Dobrovolny, where they take you step-by step how to personalize and create the 4 most essential documents that Suze believes everyone must have:
  • Will
  • Revocable living trust
  • Advanced directive and durable power of attorney for healthcare
  • Financial power of attorney
CD-ROM Protection Portfolio Forms

In addition to the four most essential documents listed above. The CD-ROM also provides critical forms that allow you to correct your credit report; and request military records, Social Security annual statements, and copies of personal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, as well as create a cohabitation agreement if you are living with someone else. On the CD-ROM you'll also find a host of links to government and other Websites that will provide you with additional important forms to download, as well as information and instructions to make it easy to keep your essential financial and legal documents up to date. Click here for the list of documents on the CD-ROM.

Two instructional audio CDs: "What You Need to Know Today to Protect Your Tomorrows"

Narrated by Suze and Suze's personal trust attorney, Janet Dobrovolny, these CDs take you step by step through the four most essential documents so you can create and personalize them to suit your needs: a will, a revocable living trust, an advanced directive and durable power of attorney for health care, and a financial power of attorney.

The Suze Orman's Protection Portfolio Guidebook: "The Forms You Need to Protect Your Tomorrows"

The guidebook includes sample forms, and provides worksheets to help you make important financial calculations, checklists to ensure that you're thoroughly prepared for the what-it's of life, and detailed instructions and explanations about actions you must take to protect yourself and your loved ones -- everything that you value. The detailed information in this guidebook corresponds directly with the ten prelabeled folders in the patented Protection Portfolio storage system.

The Protection Portfolio emergency contact cards

Your system includes a sheet of nine wallet sized cards on which to list your emergency names and numbers so your loved ones always know whom to contact. The card fits into a clear pocket inside your portfolio for easy access. Extra cards can be given to family, friends and care providers so in case of emergency the appropriate people are contacted.

The Protection Portfolio password

The Suze Orman's Protection Portfolio includes a password to access the "protectionhelp" section at, where you'll be able to obtain help if you're having trouble accessing your CD-ROM, completing a form, or understanding any part of the Protection Portfolio system. As well as download the most recent version of the CD-ROM.


Credit Report / Card Documents
Request a Credit Report
Request Reinvestigation
Request to Correct Missing Information
Request Followup After Reinvestigation
Request Removal of Incorrect Information by Creditor
Credit Verification Form - Phone
Creditor Verification Form - Letter

Important Personal Documents
National Vital Statistics Directory
Birth Certificate Request
Application for Passport by Mail, DS-82
Application for Passport Form, DS-11
Military Records Request
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service Online Catalog of Forms
Cohabitation Agreement
Marriage Certificate Request
Divorce Decree
Death Certificate Request

Home Ownership Documents
Real Property Co-Ownership Agreement

Personal Insurance Documents
How Would a Death Change My Family Expenses
How Would a Death Change My Family Income
Where Would We Stand in Case of a Death
What the Death Benefit of My / My Life Partner's Insurance Policy Needs to be
Summary of Life Insurance Needs

Social Security Documents
Social Security Statement Request
Application for Social Security Card (New, Replacement, or Name Change)

Retirement Plan Documents
Which Joint-and-Survivor Benefit Option Might be Best for You
Monthly Pension Versus Lump-Sum Payment

Investment Documents
Cash Accounts
Mutual Funds, Money Market Accounts, Credit Unions
Securities Accounts
Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Joint Ventures
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) or Pension Plans

Estate Planning Documents
Advanced Directive and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
Financial Power of Attorney
Pour Over Will
Letter to Executor of Estate for Tangible Personal Property
Will Affidavit
Do I Need a Trust to Avoid Probate
Revocable Living Trust
Request to Change Mutual Fund Ownership
Assignment of Business Interest
Assignment of Right to Exercise Stock Option Plan After Death
Request to Change Bank Account Ownership to Trust
Request to Change Interest in Limited Partnership to Trust
Amendment to LLC
IRA Beneficiary Designation Form
Final Instructions Form
What to Do When Someone Dies Checklist
Funeral Home Cost
Restatement of Revocable Living Trust

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