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ONLY $29.95

PLEASE NOTE: This program is an On-line Version. You will receive your activation information within your e-mail confirmation. You WILL NOT receive an item in the mail.

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You’ll get access to over 50 forms that cover practically every aspect of your financial life. In this Internet program, you’ll find:
  • An easy-to-answer questionnaire that will automatically select the correct must-have
    documents for you
  • Audio and visual explanations taking you paragraph by paragraph through the four must-have documents
  • 10 electronic guidebooks, that cover all aspects of your financial life
  • Free automatic updates, so your documents will always be current

It’s like having your own financial planner and personal trust attorney at your fingertips!

  • Personalize – Fill in the questionnaire, and the program will automatically select and populate all the essential documents to fit your unique situation.
  • Print – Listen to or read a step-by-step explanation of what you need to know. Then print out the relevant documents.
  • Protect – To complete the process, follow the instructions that print out with your documents. (In some cases, forms will need to be witnessed and notarized.) Then store them in a safe place.

Manage An Estate

Also included is a Manage an Estate tool which creates a personalized plan to help guide you through the process of managing an estate. Whether it is your estate or you are appointed to help with someone else’s, use this tool to get information and advice such as: what should you do in case of death or incapacitation, what discussions you need to have and how to get organized, as well as any additional documents or forms you may need.

Now you and your loved ones are protected!
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