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What the people have to say...

You may never get this email but I have to send you my gratitude for your women and money book. For the first time in my life I feel empowered with money. As a result everything in my life is falling into line. My house is suddenly organized, my cars are clean. I got hired on at a job for 7k more than I expected, and my relationship with my husband is the best it’s ever been. I feel as if your book was a conversation with a good friend.”

Jaclyn Knapp
As a woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a girlfriend, I’d like to thank you for your intentions and hard work to continue to enlighten us and make us stronger. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words. We love you.

Suze Orman is right on track with this overdue, and badly needed book directly aimed at women who in Suze’s words are dysfunctional about MONEY. The same ladies that can earn doctorate degrees in esoteric subjects just shut their eyes when it comes to money. Although Suze takes shots at what the reasons might be behind this behavior, whether it's upbringing, cultural, or anything else, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters to Suze is DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM, and does she deal with it. In this entertaining, easily read book, Suze will teach to EXECUTE SOLUTIONS to your money problems. I have to tell you, after spending 35 years in the money business myself, this best-selling author is spot on accurate – it’s about EXECUTING. It’s no longer about thinking about your money issues; it’s about DOING SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR MONEY ISSUES.

This is a FABULOUS book for you to get back on track, and in control of YOUR OWN LIFE FINANCIALLY. Women have just as much brainpower as men. It is inexcusable that many find themselves in the position they are currently in, but understandable too. After all what courses are given while growing up in managing money. They don’t give us a course in human relationships or marriage either; maybe that’s why the divorce rate is 50%. If we don’t learn what we need to learn in school or from our mentors, than we have to learn it on our own – Suze is a good place to start, and GOOD LUCK.

Richard Stoyeck
Thank you for your time and effort on behalf of all women. I thank you for your wisdom and advice. Suze, I spoke to you in 2005 on the phone one evening. You saved me financially and helped me a great deal to think better about myself and money. I listen and watch you when I can. I thank you for your help. Continued success with your life. May God continue to bless and keep you. A warm hug and peace and blessings to you.

Arlene Arthur
Your latest book, Women and Money, was perfect timing. I missed Personal Finance elementary course somewhere in my life thus far, though successful in chosen career. Caregiving duties in the last decade I’ve allowed to keep me real distracted, totally unfocused on my own physical and financial health. It’s essential that I rescue myself now. No more exuses. To get organized is first step. I have a feeling that as I gain finanacial know-how I’ll loose weight, another aborted effort thus far!!! Thank you.

I wish you could have sat in my heart as I watched you display such class on Larry King last night. Your honesty and compassion in wanting to help women to be true to themselves so that they can be stronger and more efficient not only for themselves but for their loves as well. This book will rock! You my friend are a role model for all.

I adore, and love you madly!

Kathy Buckley, Author - Comedian